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(Before I introduce myself,please add me on Pinterest:***Also,I gotta few private boards I wanna add yall to,so let me know it's you from NubianPlanet when adding me on Pinterest***Hi,I'm Tierra Roche Hawkins,and I'm new here!I'm a Libra sign,my moon sign MIGHT be a Cancer,I don't know.I'm bisexual but I want to be single.My father is full blooded Puerto Rican (they said that the Puerto Rican race is mixed with Spaniard,caucasion,African,Indian tribe which is Taíno with a little bit of Asian,white people and the Spaniards and few Asians stole the land Puerto Rico from Taíno people then brought and enlsaved Africans during slavory time,Puerto Rico originally belongs to an Indian tribe Taíno)& my mother is half black half French (African ancestry),I don't know about Native American in us though.Medium brown eyes,black hair,naturally skinny and petite and short,born in Houston,Texas,raised in Natchez,Mississippi.So not only did white people took the land from Indians and enslaved Africans in America,they did that in Puerto Rico,Cuba,Jamaica,Haiti,Dominican Republic,Hispaniola,ect.Puerto Ricans are a mixed race.They said that descendents that lives in the west part of Puerto Rico are caucasion ancestry and the east part is African ancestry,the rest all over Puerto Rico few or some of them Taíno ancestry.My father's family came from San Juan which is the east part.My father was born in America,New York.Also,I'm extremely colorful,childish sometimes,very weird and silly just like Jim Carrey,Fred from Fred The Movie and Disney character Angus from So Random,and In Living Color.I'm the weirdest chick you will ever meet.I'm half colorful half emo.African Americans can be emo too!But most of all,I am extremely colorful!My fav color is gradient (metallic or not) rainbow!I'm a rainbow junky!And electric like!Also,my chinese astrology sign is a dog sign,Egypt sign is Set (Iiii think),path number:7,Born on Thursday when the moon was decreasing and thin (i think thin,maybe),I think I was born in the day time but I don't know what time I was born in,so.Also,I have severe internet addiction,I have severe insomnia,I never had my own phone before,i just have a Chromebook,I use my mom's phone though,my fav food is pizza,tomalle,taco,hamburger,ravioli,icecream,candies,beef jerkies oh yeeeeah yuuum!Nachos with spicy cheese sauce,Doritoes with cheese sause,small triangle little pizza thingies,potatoe salad,barbecue chicken ribs and patty and barbecued hotdogs,chicken nuggets,fries,fish,lobsters,pig feet,pig lips,strimps,soul foods like mash potatoe and gravy,those filled in eggs what you call it?a half boiled eggs filled with those yellow sauce,yumeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!Sour candies,chocolate,chocolate with caramel,dove chocolate,and I'm addicted to social medias and virtual worlds,I wish minecraft,Second Life,IMVU,Avakin Life and other virtual games are available on Chromebooks (web-based laptop):D
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Hello Tierra!

I'm Hilbert and welcome!!!! I look forward to chatting with you in the future. I've sent you an invite. Have a safe Labor Day weekend!
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So since some of us African Americans are mixed,does that kinda make us half albino half non albino?Cuz white people are considered albino.

   These are pictures that glorify the diversity of being Black. There is no certain way a Black person looks. No specific phenotypes. Black people are the most diverse group of people on the planet and can have any appearance. Less commonly, Black peopl
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I wish I wasnt mixed,all cuz of the white blood in me,I have thin lips,thanks a lot white blood.& plus I have a bulky nose as a white trait.

Some of the most beautiful women on the face of the planet simply happen to be black women. Some of the most beautiful black women have the curviest bodies and some of the most stunning and captivating features. These beautiful black women have unique hair
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