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Mansa Musa was the richest man that ever existed and he was from West Africa. Nubian brothers and sisters, you have the richest history and your people are testimony of the greatness that you are capable of. As much as you love white social media, I hope you consider black social media. We share knowledge, information and love. We all hope you become apart of our Nubian family.
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Meet the father of the internet.. Of course you never heard of him because he is from Africa and the main stream media wouldn’t want to brand the “creator of the internet” title to a African American man. Nubian people, you are the masters of the universe
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Fat Joe gives his irrelevant opinion about Colin Kaepernick protesting the national anthem, which is essentially racist towards black people. He says he's not cool with Karpernick sitting down during the Star-Spangled Banner. "Having thought abotu it, I ai
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Black Bloggers Association is a group of black individuals who love to blog and share information about events and news relative to the black community. Our aim is to share information responsibly about Black News and ensure that as much current information about blacks and that affects Nubian peopl…
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United States
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The only way you get a white plant or animal is when you interbreed them. Europeans may be closer to their Neanderthal cousins than previously thought, new research suggests. Breeding with Neanderthals has long been known to have left its traces in the DN
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There are cases of white albinos but not all white people are albinos. We have to remember that what we refer to as melanin is necessary for our survival. Too little of this carbon will create what we call a melanin deficiency or albinism. If white people had no melanin, they would die. Albinos are a defective people because their white skin is a disease. They are more likely to die quicker and have more ailments. African Americans also don't have enough admixture to be considered half white or anything else. We are Nubian. And since scientifically we know that African genes dominate all other genes, we know that we are still Nubian because we are the direct descendants of Nubian people.

   These are pictures that glorify the diversity of being Black. There is no certain way a Black person looks. No specific phenotypes. Black people are the most diverse group of people on the planet and can have any appearance. Less commonly, Black peopl
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The African Witch Doctor played an important role in building up our health care system in the United States. Much of our medical practices were advanced tenfold by West Africans and people from Africa. For many centuries, people treated sicknesses and inj
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