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Some of the most beautiful women on the face of the planet simply happen to be black women. Some of the most beautiful black women have the curviest bodies and some of the most stunning and captivating features. These beautiful black women have unique hair
Nubian-Goodness 14.08.2016 46 16174

I gasped when I first seen the photo of the broken man with chains around his neck. I was crying my heart broke. You see, growing up in New Zealand, I knew the color purple only as to slavery. And to be honest I thought it was a typical movie or an over ex
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How White Women Feel About Black Women Who Wear Weaves – White Woman Tells All This is how many of us white women feel about black women wearing weaves. Now this is a touchy subject very touchy, but please hear me out… First I’m saying this out of love, n
Nubian-Heart 09.08.2016 7 165

BET, George Foreman Grills and Dark & Lovely No Lye Relaxer have a commonality: They’re not as black as you think. For the confused, theBVX ( which like Black Voices is NOT black-owned) has compiled a shocking list of 10 things you thought were black o
MansaMusa 18.08.2016 6 8200

Natural Black women are simply the most prettiest kind of women there is. Natural Hair on a Nubian queen is paramount to show true Black beauty. Once black women cover up their natural grade of hair in order to look more European, their beauty actually dim
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  They Finally Killed Dr. Sebi – It Was Only A Matter Of Time Posted on August 7, 2016 by Mansa Musa   What happens when a black man from Honduras happens to cure Aids, Cancer, Sickle Cell Anemia and potentially any disease known to man, simply by
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   These are pictures that glorify the diversity of being Black. There is no certain way a Black person looks. No specific phenotypes. Black people are the most diverse group of people on the planet and can have any appearance. Less commonly, Black peopl
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Fat Joe gives his irrelevant opinion about Colin Kaepernick protesting the national anthem, which is essentially racist towards black people. He says he's not cool with Karpernick sitting down during the Star-Spangled Banner. "Having thought abotu it, I ai
MansaMusa 10.09.2016 3 87652

They killing us and boasting about it on national television. We hold the record for low wage jobs and poverty. Do you ever get tired of this? If you invest your money in a white owned bank, you are part of the problem. If you don't belong to a black
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It's time for sexy, beautiful and smart black superheros. Black Barbie is not enough to change the world. We need black superheros that don't wear weave, and some that even have short, bald or no hair and are still made to be super sexy. We need the black
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