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Brian Frazier
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I am a Nubian. Creator. Warrior. Strong. Trustworthy. I come here only to do good. To enlighten by sharing wisdom and knowledge as well as learning. I am ready to make a difference. I show unwilling love for my brothers and sisters, queens and kings. Let us indulge in friendship and leadership. I am a Nubian. I am related to the first people on the planet who populated the earth and created the world's first most advanced civilizations. I have intellect. Physical strength. Endurance. I am a threat. I have the power to change my reality and I can do it with my Nubian brothers and sisters. This is my planet. This is Nubian Planet. And I am a Nubian. I love who I am and I wish to make a difference and make things better for my Nubian brothers and sisters. I will not put my Nubian brothers and sisters down, but I will always try my best to uplift them when I see they are down. I will never spread news or gossip that makes my Nubian brothers or sisters look bad. I will always represent my Nubian culture with respect, dignity and courage as I try to do what is right in this Nubian Galaxy.
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