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Let's figure out how we can make Black America great again. This movement is long overdo. Let's figure out how to reach our destroyed youth who want to sag their pants, talk slang and not take education seriously. Let's figure out how to get our own people to support black owned businesses and keep …
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United States
6 days ago From MansaMusa
Black Women Move Forward Movement is for the progress and struggle of Black women. We appreciate Black beauty and the diverse beauty of all women of Nubian African descent. We love our skin tone, hair texture and ravishing curves. Support Black Women Move Forward.
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United States
11 days ago From MansaMusa
We believe in supporting black wealth and the way to do that is to seek out black owned businesses and banks. Nubian people have to start retaining their dollar and control the export of wealth from black people's hands. This is a paramount issue black people face. If we learned to control more of w…
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United States
07.08.2016 From MansaMusa
African people and all people everywhere of African descent come together on Nubian Planet platform and embrace each other as we are extended relatives who have been separated. We come together to empower each other and show love and help each other heal from the treachery of our tragic past.
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United States
06.08.2016 From MansaMusa
Any person with African American ancestry who is tired of not being compensated what America owes us while America smiles in our faces and calls black people privileged while their police shoot our people down like flies, this is our movement. We should be able to formulate and organize, a way polit…
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United States
06.08.2016 From MansaMusa
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Kelly Rowland is perhaps one of the most beautiful women in the music industry. Sadly, she doesn't think so. It's part of being a black female in the 21rst

"I refused to be a slave to the majors. I owned all my music and publishing. After Sam Cooke I was the most successful independent black artist in modern hi
Black-Planet-Is-White-Owned 3 days ago 0 10

Lisa Berry is a beautiful Black Canadian model and actress who stars as "Billie," the grim reaper on the hit sci fi thriller, Supernatural. She is the grim
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MansaMusa: If you are a person of African descent, then you belong here. You should be here. There is no reason for you not to be here.
6d ago
MansaMusa: If you can see this message and you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google or any other white owned network, but not an account of Nubian Planet, then you are asleep and part of the problem!
5d ago
Black-Planet-Is-White-Owned: I hear you brother and I love what you are trying to do. I'm trying to get the sheep off of Black Planet. It's a white owned site that hasn't benefited black people its entire existence.
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