MoorUs is the first social networking app that is centered around the empowerment of people of global African descent. MoorUs will allow like-minded people to connect with each other for :

*daily dialog

*business endeavors

*educational purposes


*sharing current events

*photo and video sharing

*and much more

MoorUs was conceived by the same producers who created the popular Hidden Colors documentary film series. The Hidden Colors series emphasizes the importance of global Black empowerment, so the MoorUs app will act as a daily extension of this mission.

What We Need & What You Get

The app is currently in development, and the additional funding here will help cover marketing and promotions. There are a lot of great perks for those who contribute to this ground breaking project.

The Impact

The MoorUs app is important because there should be a central location where people who wish to participate in constructive dialog can link up without being banned or censored-which is something that happens with many other social networking sites.

Risks & Challenges

The greatest challenge was brainstorming with our team of developers in order to come up with ways to integrate live widgets on that app that could help users locate Black businesses in their local area in real time. We have resolved that challenge as well as other technical challenges,and we feel the app will exceed the expectations of the users.