It’s appalling to me that any Black person who is offended by what is going on still has their money in white owned banks and shop primarily at white owned establishments. The money black people spend does not go back into black neighborhoods or help finance the black struggle. How backwards is that?

Black people want a real movement? Move your money to a black bank by the droves. I can gaurantee you, if every black person moved their money to a black bank today, then tomorrow white politicians and congressmen and even the president, would be compelled to ask what they can do to help black people. They would be asking what we want them to do. Because money talks in this country and is the bottom line. Black people have close to 2 trillion dollars in spending power, most of that money which never goes into the black community. Black people hold on to our dollars 15 minutes before it goes back into white people’s hands.

Want them to value black lives, put your money in a black owned bank. Stop depending on white owned media for everything. And get the hell off of white social media! Because you are trying to come up with answers and solutions on platforms that are regulated by white supremacists mostly. They don’t care about you and they constantly punish you for expressing your thoughts.

I have made a list of black owned banks and if you are serious about change and making it safer for black people, then Black Dollars Matter! Let’s put our money in Black owned banks and stop supporting a system of supremacy by financing these systems. That’s the real change black people need and is looking for. If you should know one thing about this country, it is that money matters and everything else is secondary.

You want to have a black voice and that’s good if black people’s only aim is to vent. If you want to attack police officers, not smart. Black people, you are fighting a mental and psychological game here. Make no mistake about that. And the only way you will win or at least stand a fighting chance is by banding together and controlling the most powerful thing in the world, your Black dollars!