Black Social Network Movement

This movement is for conscious Nubian black people who are progressive. Individuals who join this group realize the importance of black social networking on black owned and controlled websites. We realize that black people flock to white owned websites while denying a greater power of unity that lies in black social networking on black owned websites that were created for us and by us, which will produce a vast positive effect in the assimilation and planning of black people. Members of this movement group pledge to help us promote stories and the reach of this website to get as many conscious black people interested in our black social network as possible. Conscious minded black people realize that this is overdo and needed by black people and will do their part to help us grow. Our intention is to bring as many black people together on Nubian Planet as possible and we won’t stop. Please join our efforts and support black social networking.

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  •  MansaMusa: 

    Anyone who is Black and wants to promote their website or learn a system of getting their content out there, add me as a friend so we can link up.

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  •  Black-Planet-Is-White-Owned: 

    Nubian Planet is the only real Black Social Network that I really trust!

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  •  Black-Planet-Is-White-Owned: 

    Black Planet and Black People Meet are the two largest Black Social Networks. Why? They are owned by White people. Nothing special about these websites. But Black people love serving white masters. 

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  •  MansaMusa: 

    Facebook has over 100 million black people on its site. Active members. Almost a billion people. Now think about that for a moment. 100 million black people creating 100's of millions of dollars wealth on Facebook. Keep in mind that most of these Black people complain about White supremacy. Some call White people evil. They complain that we need to support black owned businesses, while they support Facebook, a White owned business. These Black folk who are complaining about being poor and Black people not spending money on Black owned businesses, support the largest website in the world which is White owned and where sadly, the owner of the website had to apologize because his staff replaced the words Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter. Apologized for only hiring less than 2 percent Black people on its staff. You people think you make a difference when you complain about White supremacy on a white network that is the very thing you are trying to fight? Wake up! or don't complain. The choice is yours.

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  •  MansaMusa: 

    If you spend most of your online time on Facebook or don't have any accounts with black social networks, then you are not awake. How can you be?

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