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I am a Nubian. Creator. Warrior. Strong. Trustworthy. I come here only to do good. To enlighten by sharing wisdom and knowledge as well as learning. I am ready to make a difference. I show unwilling love for my brothers and sisters, queens and kings. Let us indulge in friendship and leadership. I am a Nubian. I am related to the first people on the planet who populated the earth and created the world's first most advanced civilizations. I have intellect. Physical strength. Endurance. I am a threat. I have the power to change my reality and I can do it with my Nubian brothers and sisters. This is my planet. This is Nubian Planet. And I am a Nubian. I love who I am and I wish to make a difference and make things better for my Nubian brothers and sisters. I will not put my Nubian brothers and sisters down, but I will always try my best to uplift them when I see they are down. I will never spread news or gossip that makes my Nubian brothers or sisters look bad. I will always represent my Nubian culture with respect, dignity and courage as I try to do what is right in this Nubian Galaxy.
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I agree with this comment that not only black women wear weaves. The thing is, people from other ethnicity and cultures aren’t being put down for wearing them. The problem isn’t the weaves necessarily, just the dynamics that provokes it. I see some black women put weaves in their hair and the first thing they do is hurry up and cover up their own hair, like it’s shameful to have that type of texture hair. It doesn’t fit their story that they are mixed or part Indian or this or that. Black women feel like it makes them appear exotic or something. Once black women lose pride in their origins, massively, then that becomes the issue. It’s nice to be mixed but it’s also nice to be who you are too. Black women need to embrace their identities and stop trying to be something they are not. Just my opinion of course.

How White Women Feel About Black Women Who Wear Weaves – White Woman Tells All This is how many of us white women feel about black women wearing weaves. Now this is a touchy subject very touchy, but please hear me out… First I’m saying this out of love, n
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