Mayweather Tells Kaepernick to Stand Up

Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather, is always one for controversy however, in this latest stint, his comments targeting the ‘BLM’ movement is sure to send sparks. Mayweather spoke about his views concerning Colin Kaepernick in an interview with Flight Hype. He made it clear that ‘All Lives Matter,’ and Kaepernick needs...

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Philadelphia Bum Rushes LGBT Gay Pride March – Good For Philadelphia!!!

LGBT Pride ceremony overtaken by black activists

LGBTQ community had another nonsense parade in Philadelphia and the People got tired of the bs and took over the parade! Good for Philadelphia! They shifted the conversion and focus on racism. The gay ceremony is normally held outside City Hall but was moved  indoors on Sunday due to...

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Melanin Is Not Only Skin Deep!

Melanin (carbon) is associated with the pigment that causes the skin to be the colour that it is; brown, black, yellow, white, and red. Melanin exists as the chemical key to life. Meaning, the more melanin someone has, the more civil that person is, the more psychic, the more...

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