Nu Planet does not aim to be a mere social network. We believe that aspect of empowerment is a fundamental part of our progress as a people, so we set out to create the most useful, advanced and empowering social platform that we could think of creating. When strategizing Nu Planet, our first concern was addressing a fundamental Black issue that exists today that affects Nubian people all over the world. Gathering to share memes and talk about current issues was an important concern, but it wasn’t the most important.

Nu Planet Empowerment network is focused on creating a community online that allows people of Nubian descent to congregate, organize, plan, network, learn, make money, and create as many opportunities on a single social platform as possible. Every user can create their own realm where they can grow their own nations right on our platform. Within these realms, they can encourage group discussions of unlimited possibility and actually talk about subject matters they choose, without the worry of being censored for simple freedom of speech. Of course, the site does have rules of engagement that are put in place to protect Nu Planet as well as the members, but we do let users have more freedom of speech. We understand that some things just need to be said and they won’t always be pretty things. Our members are entitled to say what they feel and believe in their hearts and you don’t have to be clever or creative in how you say things outside of using basic common sense. Our realms are here to empower you and enable you to grow your own following on our platform of the things that mean the most to you.

Besides basic messaging, posting, and sharing pictures and memes, Nu Planet offers an advanced platform that will enable our members to build and generate wealth. You do not have to use these features but they are a primary part of our website. Building wealth and Black businesses are the fruit of our most ideal beliefs. We have created opportunities to learn, share, and grow. Members are encouraged to become vendors and sell unlimited products. Basically, anything you can sell online – you can sell on Nu Planet.

Do you have something to teach? Create your own school and teach your own courses at Hotep University where you can teach whatever you would like. You can also earn a residual income from teaching on our platform. Your school can grow to be as big as you imagine you want it to be. Start out with 3 students and grow to 3000 students in no time! You have all the power and tools you need right at your disposal on Nu Planet.

Our business directory will even allow you the opportunity of listing your school or business right on our platform in our business directory. Encourage your family and friends to rate your business and have your business show up in search engines as a top-rated business! Nu Planet is serious about your success and advancement. Find other businesses to patronize. Help spread the wealth. All members who profit from Nu Planet are encouraged to buy from other businesses as well. We call that group economics.

You can sell products, books, digital items, courses, groups, even access to your content. We allow you to monetize pretty much everything on Nu Planet which we feel is our vision of a digital Black Wall Street! We have even included a feature that will allow our Nubian family to crowdfund right on our platform. We feel that these things will perform better on our platform because our members are here to empower each other. This means they will be more likely to patronize each other.

The point of Nu Planet is to empower Nubian people. We have put a lot of effort and imagination into creating our platform. We are doing this for Nubian people all over the planet.[wpcf_dashboard]