Sunday, November 17, 2019

Affiliate Program

[maxhost_shortcodes_title_eight heading1=”CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” heading2=”CREATE WEALTH” text=”Nubian Planet Hosting gives you the opportunity to change your life around and start all over and become wealthy right in the comfort of your living room. As long as you are motivated you have a good chance to succeed using our platform.”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_seven icon=”user” title=”Easy to Manage” text=”Everything is laid out flat for you to make money including training and tools.” active=”false”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_seven icon=”pencil” title=”Social Media Marketing” text=”Market to family and friends on your favorite sources of social media.”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_seven icon=”desktop” title=”Generous Commissions” text=”Sell a product one time and get paid from that same sale for years to come.”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_seven icon=”phone” title=”Earn While You Sleep” text=”Once you gain traction from your hard work you will get paid while you sleep.”]
[hosting_domain_search section_style=”domain-page-header m-top0″ section_heading1=”FIND YOUR PERFECT DOMAIN NAME” search_pholder=”Enter your Domain Name here” button_label=”Search Here” search_action_url=”” sample_domain1=”.com” sample_domain1_pricing=”$2.99″ sample_domain2=”.net” sample_domain2_pricing=”$3.99″ sample_domain3=”.org” sample_domain3_pricing=”$4.99″ sample_domain4=”.in” sample_domain4_pricing=”$5.99″ view_domain_url=”#” bulk_domain_url=”#” transfer_domain_url=”#”]
[maxhost_features_block_eight icon_one=”bargraph” heading1=”HOW IT WORKS” text=”Sign up to JetOnyx Cash as our affiliate producer and you can start earning money right away. JetOnyx will pay you repeat commissions. Keep getting paid for same sale.” button_label=”Join Now Free!” button_url=”/cash/signup.php” icon_two=”layers” heading2=”NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY” text2=”All you have to do is find someone who wants to use our services and when they sign up you get paid. It’s so simple! We provide free easy training videos. It’s so easy to earn with JetOnyx Affiliates.” button_label2=”Sign Up Free!” button_url2=”/cash/signup.php”]
[maxhost_features_block_nine heading1=”What’s New” heading2=”Earn Now!” text=”We create residual wealth online for affiliate marketers so they can earn a living each month using our easy techniques.” price_title=”Free” price=”AFFILIATE” price_duration=”Program” features_one=”Repeat commission
Free Training
Easy To Sell Products
Tons of Free Tools
Trustworthy Brand
We Help you Win”]
affiliate making money online
affiliate money grab
[maxhost_features_block_nine heading1=”How Easy Is It?” heading2=”Make Money Easily” text=”Ease of promotion with the platform which has been built for Affiliates. Special offers and bonus payouts for our Top Performing Affiliates.” price_title=”Earn” price=”SUPREME” price_duration=”Incentives” features_one=”Free Sign Up
No Hidden Charges
Zero Commitments
Dedicated Affiliate Manager
Reliable Tracking Mechanism
Individual panel”]
[maxhost_features_block_nine heading1=”Social Media Marketing” heading2=”Affiliate Excellence” text=”Affiliate marketing has never been so easy and with up to 50% and more in commissions, there is no better way to strategically increase your income through affiliate marketing.” price_title=”Earn” price=”YOUR FINANCIAL” price_duration=”Freedom” features_one=”Promotional Assistance
Get Your Own Dashboard
Extended Cookie Duration
Custom Offers for Top Performers
Dedicated Email Updates
Commission Referrals”]
money through affiliate marketing happy affiliate
[maxhost_call_to_action text=”Learn more about the Best Affiliate Program you will ever come across online that will not only allow you to get paid but create residual income.” heading1_1st=”24/7″ heading1_2nd=”CUSTOMER SERVICE” heading2=”SUPPORTED BY PROFESSIONALS” button_label=”Call Us Now!” button_url=”/customer/contact.php”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_title_four heading1=”Our Services” font_color=”black-dark”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_four icon=”cloud-upload” title=”Step 1.” text=”Select Product to
Promote”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_four icon=”paper-plane” title=”Step 2.” text=”Promote through
Blog and Websites” active=”false”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_four icon=”settings” title=”Step 3.” text=”Drive Traffic
through your Link”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_image_carousel section_heading=”Earn Residual Income” number_of_tabs=”3″ image0=”/pictures/uploads/2019/07/affilate-marketing-how-it-works.jpg” image1=”/pictures/uploads/2019/07/supreme-hosting-affiliate-marketing-high-commissions.jpg” image2=”/pictures/uploads/2019/07/affiliate-marketing-residual-income.jpg”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_title_four heading1=”What We Do” font_color=”black-dark”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_four icon=”settings” title=”Step 4.” text=”Referral Traffic
makes a Purchase”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_four icon=”users” title=”Step 5.” text=”You get Commission
for the Referral”][maxhost_shortcodes_iconic_features_four icon=”paper-plane” title=”Residual Income” text=”Same process repeats itself forever” active=”false”]
[maxhost_shortcodes_title_nine heading1=”JETONYX” heading2=”Affiliate System” text=”Ease of promotion with the platform which has been built for Affiliates.”][maxhost_shortcodes_accordion_two number_of_tabs=”10″ title1=”What is the JetOnyx Affiliate program?” text1=”The JetOnyx Affiliate Program is the simplest way to earn incentives through referrals by promoting our affiliate program and all hosting products. Once you join our Affiliate Program, you will get a unique affiliate ID along with promotional material such as collaterals, coupons etc. You can promote JetOnyx’s hosting deals and products through blogs, articles, write-ups with the help of this unique affiliate ID and promo material. Every time you talk about us, we will track the traffic coming on to our website through the unique affiliate ID. On every successful referral, you will earn great incentives.” title2=”Where can I promote JetOnyx?” text2=”You can promote us virtually everywhere online from your Website, Blog, Forums, Email Marketing lists, Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Quora & Twitter to online communities or wherever you feel we fit.” title3=”Can I promote JetOnyx offline?” text3=”Of course you can. You can tell your friends or colleagues about JetOnyx’s products, hosting offers etc. and provide them with your unique ID link so that we know that the referral has come through your end.” title4=”How much should I invest to begin with?” text4=”Nothing! All you need to invest is your precious time which we’re quite confident will reap you huge benefits. If you feel confident about investing money to advertise, then you are welcomed to do that as well.” title5=”How much can I earn?” text5=”This is entirely up to you. Based on your efforts, you will easily earn up to half of all referrals you bring our way. Simply put, you can either use your earnings for a brand new iPad, or take the entire family on an exotic vacation. We personally prefer the latter.” title6=”Do I need to be technically qualified to Sign Up as a JetOnyx Affiliate?” text6=”Absolutely not. If you understand, or have someone who understands HTML and where to place these codes within your Website, Blog or Email Marketing lists, then you have nothing to worry about.In case you do not understand HTML, or where to place an image banner or text link on your website, you can refer to the ‘Affiliate Startup Guide’ we provide on signing up. Even if you use Google as a reference, you’re good to go.” title7=”Who can I contact for any assistance?” text7=”You can drop us a mail at:” title8=”Who does my Referral contact for support” text8=”Your referral can contact us on Tel No: +1 (267) 603 7210″ title9=”How are conversions through my website tracked?” text9=”We make use of cookie tracking, which is by far the best & simplest form of tracking online traffic, to track and reward sales made on your affiliate URL. The tracking cookie is rewarded on a last click basis, and is valid for 60 days.” title10=”How does the Last Click Attribution work?” text10=”So let’s say Jack clicked on a JetOnyx banner on Affiliate A’s website, but then abandoned the payment process. Later, Jack clicks on another JetOnyx banner that he came across on Affiliate B’s website and activates his account within 60 days. In this case, Affiliate B is awarded the commission for referring Jack since this was the most recent cookie to get tracked by our system.”]

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