Black queen gives black men a wake up call in a serious rant about white women worshiping, which she points out has gotten excruciatingly out of hand. She exclaims, one white woman stands up for Black people and Black men go crazy with white worshiping and even titling her the “Black Bey.” Truly an insult to Black women who have marched for Black men, fought for Black men, and kept us alive for the last four hundred years, pointing out that if not for the strength and intellect of the Black women, the Black race wouldn’t exist.

This Nubian queen points out that Black women speak up for Black men everyday, but when a white woman does it, some of the most professed pro blacks lose their mind and call the white woman “wifey material” and act as if Jesus has spoken. If this is true, then this would be directly linked to low self esteem and dependency on white people which would have stemmed from slavery. This queen gets emotional and refers to Black men that do this as complete sell outs and the weaker links who are fully responsible for Black people not being able to get ahead.

The real problem is that some of our Black men have become weak. They don’t even want the title of Gods. They want to worship white Jesus or Becky with the blonde hair. Pathetic! A true god sees the god in himself and doesn’t worship fictional beings in the first place. Something has to be done about the weak minds of the small percentage of present day Black men, who can’t even accept responsibility for our current state so they queen the Black woman as a god and then turn around and blame them for the failure of Black men. Weak!


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