White supremacy destroyed hip hop music and changed what it originally stood. We were once awake and then we fell into another sleep. But we can’t afford to stay in this sleep. We are slowly waking up again and realizing that our music is another form of crack in our streets. Mainstream hip hop music has become the parody of Black music.

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Mainstream labels only care about boosting profits and could care less about the damage music does to the Black community or culture. Hip hop, which started out as a good, was used as a weapon against Black people. The way roach poison is used to kill roaches and make them react violently to one another and start eating each other up. It’s time to be more conscious about what we listen to and let our children listen to. It’s time to rebel against anything that keeps black people down, including our music. A revolution has to be well thought out and strategic for it to become useful. Black people will have no revolution until we bury the chaos that thrives in Black music.


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