How White Women Feel About African Women Wearing Weaves


how white woman feels about black women wearing weaves - the truth

How White Women Feel About Black Women Who Wear Weaves – White Woman Tells All

black woman sewing on ridiculous lengths of tracks of weave to give illusion of longer hair

Piece taken from blog written by white woman:

This is how many of us white women feel about black women wearing weaves. Now this is a touchy subject very touchy, but please hear me out… First I’m saying this out of love, not anything sinister. Here we go….  Ladies please learn to love your natural hair. I watched a video on weave fails and thousands of people were laughing. Once upon a time I nastily laughed also without recognizing the vast dynamics of what was going on, but what I have seen was the shame and the hate of their own natural hair. I realized this once I opened my eyes and seen what was really going on. I watched as every woman held their head in shame the shame in their eyes was awful. Well, that is wrong; so very wrong. This growing up to hate themselves has to stop. Black women defending weave has to stop also.

Now, I know your going to say, What does “she” know about self hate?” I grew up with a sister who’s drop dead gorgeous. I was the ugly one so I do get IT. The reason I’m vocal about weave is to uplift Nubian black people. How can you get back to family values, your roots, gaining back the community, if you cannot get back to who you are physically and love yourselves for whom you are truly? How can you say to young girls “You’re so pretty“, when she looks up and Mum, Auntie, Nana all have long straight hair?

no weave beautiful nubian woman short styled silky curly hair

Then look at themselves with different hair, or worse, mum has a long blonde wig like Barbie and that little child is looking in the mirror and self hate is seeping in because she doesn’t have silky blonde long hair. The role model is supposed to start at home. How can the young men learn to love the girl who is natural when all he see’s is weave? He’s also learning’ from youth’ that African American woman are ugly with their natural hair, because how many does he see natural? Certainly none on TV (Men are twice as visual than us). They are learning to find ‘natural’ unattractive, which keeps the cycle going around and around. I am no more pretty than a natural BW  just because I have long hair.

no weave african american short hairstyle no weave

God does not make mistakes ladies. We as woman must stop with worrying about what society perceives as “Beautiful “ and when you think about it only the husband should be looking at his woman anyway.

beautiful African American beautiful Nubian woman no weave medium size afro short hairstyle

And for us whom are single, why are we trying to be pretty? To attract men? So change you’re thinking to: “The right man will think I’m the most beautiful woman ” and  that man should become your husband anyway. ☺ Again, I say this not to criticize black women at all, but frankly express that black women have natural beautiful hair. We live in a time where European beauty is given most attention and considered top rate, according to Westernized standards. Black women should and must appreciate their natural beauty and understand that they are beautiful creatures. Natural beauty and family values xxxxx. Black beauty rocks!

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