Tariq Nasheed And Dr. Umar Beef – What This Means For The Conscious Community

Dr. Umar Johnson Vs. Tariq Nasheed Beef

The Black Conscious Community keeps looking like a spectacle online.  If one thing is true from the depiction of how so-called elite Black leaders behave, one thing is certain; they still don’t know how to behave properly. There is a feeling of sadness that sweeps over many when confronted...

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Reflexology – Deep Healing Through Your Soles

“As a practitioner of holism, I find reflexology to be the most requested repeat treatment of all the therapies.” This is simply because it’s deeply evocative and relaxing, as well as being able to effectively treat a vast array of ailments; and particularly effective at treating underlying ‘dis-eases’ predisposed...

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How The Black Panthers Fought Black Genocide – Sickle Cell Anemia

98% of sickle cell anemia victims identify as black or having African descent. Sickle Cell Anemia is an auto immune disease which is inherited through the genes, central power or “cell brain” of every living cell. These “cell brains” directly affect and determine physical characteristics and traits in a person’s...

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‘Hyena’: The Man Hired To Have Sex With Children

‘Hyena’ The Man Hired To Have Sex With Children

  Parents in remote parts of Malawi are sending their daughters to be sexually initiated by local men – called “hyenas” – when they reach puberty. Meet Eric, he’s proud of his role as a “hyena”. Europeans are responsible for how backwards some societies are in Africa. When they invaded,...

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Policeman Pulls Over Black Woman Without Realizing She’s The State Attorney

A pair of police officers have caught themselves on camera, struggling to explain why they had pulled over Florida’s first and only black state attorney. Aramis Ayala, who serves as state attorney in the Sunshine State’s 9th Judicial Circuit, was pulled over on 19 June. As the officer approaches her window,...

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Saartjie (Sarah) Baartman – The Slave Girl Whose Body Parts Were Kept In A Museum After She Was Murdered

Saartjie Baartman was an enslaved Black woman from South Africa who was exhibited as a freak show attraction in Europe under the name Hottentot Venus, who then was murdered for profit to appear in a museum for nearly 200 years and be further humiliated to prove that Europeans were...

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Sex Reversing Chemicals (Atrazine) – Your Food Could Be Turning You Into A Homosexual!!!

Atrazine is chemical used in irrigation that has been proven to cause homosexual behavior in amphibians and other animals. Extensive research has proven that chemicals that they are putting in food primarily consumed in Black areas, have high levels of atrazine and other chemicals that manipulate biological sex organs of human...

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The Way All Hip Hop Artists Are Guilty Of Enslaving Black People – Dr Umar

lil wayne thug rapper destruction of black people

Today’s rappers are the enforcers of white supremacy and are responsible for killing more black people than any police officers or KKK members. Rapper’s need to take responsibility for their music and use it as a tool to empower black people. Their white master’s won’t allow this behavior because it...

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