Chemically Treated And Hated

African slaves were once forced to shove their heads in buckets of lye as punishment, and unbeknown at the time that it would, at least partially, straighten their hair. Now, that may not have achieved bone straight hair that modern relaxers can today, but you get the picture. Their...

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They Screamed Black! A Poem By Victoria Eugenia Santa Cruz Gamar

They Screamed Black

  This diligent little girl from the Columbian Pacific recites a poem written by Victoria Santander Cruise, entitled; ‘Me Gritaron Negra’ (They Screamed Black). Victoria Eugenia Santa Cruz Gamarra was an Afro-Peruvian choreographer, composer, Black activist, and “the mother of Afro Peruvian dance and theatre.” Whilst proudly claiming African...

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The Effects Of White Supremacy On Black People

White Supremacy is a historically based, institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression of nations, and people of colour by white people and the nations of Europe, for maintaining and defending a system of wealth, power, and privilege. A system of institutionalised racism The most common mistake people make...

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