kerry washington scandal lawnchair episode

Kerry Washington is a beautiful and talented actress who is the star of a hit television series called “Scandal,” which airs on ABC television network. The beautiful actress is 38 years of age and is from Bronx New York.

A recent episode that the show produced was about a recent case known as the Daren Wilson case in which a white officer shot an unarmed black man with no criminal record dead, named Michael Brown. For many, especially within the African American community who claim that the police are unfair and biased towards young black men and also have no problem executing them, this show speaks volumes.


In the recent episode, a white cop killed a young black man because the kid exhibited lack of respect and compliance with the police officers. Darren Wilson, who was lying, stated that he feared for his life and safety when he executed Michael Brown who tried to flee once he felt his life may be in danger. The episode uncovers how racist white police officers typically view black men. “It was because he didn’t respect me,” yells the officer, with a promising acting ability. This police officer actually became Darren Wilson and said all the things that the real police officer who executed Michael Brown was thinking.

At first she tries to deliver justice the right way. In the show, the only reason that justice was received was because a determined and outraged black father decides to hold a gun at the police officers and miraculously not get shot. Throughout the rest of the episode he sits on a lawn chair and points his loaded gun at police who do not want to shoot him because they are afraid of public opinion. Though this is far from realistic, is does paint a poignant picture of what black people have to go through when dealing with these types of situations.

Eventually, Kerry Washington realizes that she is on the wrong side and decides to stand with protesters when police attempt to control a crowd of citizens who are no threat with tear gas and military weapons. They then find out that the weapons were placed on the dead boy and the officer admits to his wrongdoing but tries to justify it. He is taken to jail and we are to assume that he is prosecuted.



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