Serena Williams is one of the most talented female athletes of our time. She is also beautiful. But media makes a point to attack her and tries to claim that she is not attractive. I wonder why.

The beautiful black woman’s behind has always stood out among other women. For centuries she was teased about her butt and told that it was too big. Jokes have been made about the black woman’s butt. In time, we would learn to appreciate the butt of a black woman and turn that into another multi-billion dollar industry.


Everyone realized that the behind on a black woman is a very attractive asset to have, and the rest of the world would want it to, like every other asset that the black woman possesses. Most of your supermodels today have booty injections to make their butts look more rounder and fuller. Black women like Serena are blessed with big booties naturally. But even still, magazines and media have attacked the beautiful Serena Williams and went far as to call her a man.

These attacks on Serena Williams is only testimony that when black people do something great, they will be scolded and put down for it. More attacks at the natural beauty of dark skinned black women that the rest of the world seems to try and hide for some reason.



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