Homosexual behavior may indeed be responsible for killing off the neanderthals, as homosexual interaction was common within the neanderthal species. The New York Times reports they have proof that early humans mated with neanderthals, somewhere around 60,00 years ago. Actually, its quite more likely that modern humans were raped by these savage creatures and forced into homosexual practices by them.

Gay Neanderthal Evidence.  A 3,500 year old skull found in a Romania cave links modern homosexual men and Neanderthals. This new evidence actually shows that these two species may have interbred for centuries. Though it was once believed that Neanderthals were replaced with modern human beings, it is now believed that the Neanderthal was solely responsible for giving rise to homosexual men.

According to the new study, homosexual males and lesbians are believe to be of a different species. “That’s why homosexual men tend to be sterile,” Myer Madison, an anthropologist at Georgetown University in Washington, D. C. explains, according to the newly derived information.  It’s quite possible that homosexuality and weird breeding habits are the main reason that Neanderthals are no longer with us and have become extinct.

“Then, it dawned on me that most of these Neanderthals must have been gay! Not just gay but openly gay! Maybe all they had were mainly gays and lesbians, and just some bisexuals, and a couple of bi-curious’. So, in their little community, the gays would pair up; the lesbians would pair up; the bi-curious would pair up with the same sex because they were curious…sometimes curious for years; and the bisexuals would be the only ones that produced a couple of offspring then off they went to the same sex.”


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