Baltimore mother Toya Graham

Christelyn Karazin is simply another pimp taking advantage of the stupidity and the insecure nature of black women and putting them upon the merchandising chopping block in order to benefit financially. She knows full well that the majority of black women are destined for the scrapheap of rejection. She feeds them a false ideal of them being able to snag themselves a white man, however as we already know most white men are not interested in black women past sex. Black women subconsciously are more submissive to white males because they recognize they’re the same men who would kill her and the entire race with no remorse. Black men until you can legally kick black women ass You’re Incompatible With Them. That aggression toward you called bad attitudes is them challenging your masculinity. They respect men who kick they ass, not kiss. They’re only inline with white men because of that historic ass whipping. Learn from the God Almighty White Men. Remember this is the same group of men who had submissive women knowing they were fucking black slaves. White Men = Savages aka Dominant. Black males raised by black women are Savages concerning the treatment of their own kind.


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