Us so called black people dont print or manufacture the dollar anyway. And by the way pat keix eat a shit sandwich and choke you bitch. black people are not stupid. We understand the powers that be. And everyboby wanna speak whats good for black people when none of you fuckers gonna put up 1 red cent to help our community. All you can do is tell blacks that it’s our own fault. So fuck yall and fuck the black church and fuck the white jesus we serve as god. Hold the black dollar and stop making non black companies rich. Above fifteen isn’t much better either especially in these hyper industrialized cities that revolve strictly around excessive unionized capitalism that is extremely advantage taking over black people exclusively economically; the average one bedroom apartment in my entire area is a thousand or above, receiving fifteen dollars working doesn’t amount to that price after taxes. Above fifteen only means you have just about or enough to pay all your bills and remain broke until your next allocated under-wage payment from a stressful, non-ascending, life consuming job. While being below fifteen only holds you to paying one utility exactly one at a time, which then puts you into penalty danger where your then put in position to dish out even more money that you don’t have that could of went to use to another bill or possibly your child. Each angle your still struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth, head just above water, on the edge to homelessness. The system is a hustle to keep the poor (black), poor all the while progressing these business, chains, and multi million organizations into unimaginable wealth effortlessly on a consistent bases (whites and white identifiers) with our hard work equalizing slavery in present form. The money system is a trap and a game. A trap for those who do not know the rules and a game of win or lose to those who have enough to play. Everyone else is a wage earner (aka slave). Wages of Sin=Death. End the system of white supremacy and replace it with Spiritual and Physical balance. This is going to take a LOT of cleaning on all sides. To succeed you need a skill that people are willing to pay you for. If you don’t go to college you learn that valuable skill by working at entry level jobs that pay 10-15 dollars an hour. Once you learn that skill and master it you can expect more money for your now better skill level. Then you can take that mastered skill level and go out and work for yourself, and hire entry level workers for 10-15 dollars an hour and teach skill to them. That is how it is done, how it has always been done, for most people in the U.S.


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