Black Feminists Today- You Make Me Sick: Here's Why!

Black feminists today are the laughing stock of the feminist movement. The Black feminist movement has turned the Black community upside down during the past few decades and the movement is beyond silly!

Posted August 8,2018 in Women.

Anthony Love
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The Black feminism movement has always been a threat to Black people. It's been a threat to the Black family and the entire Black social structure. Black feminism also takes concentration away from Black empowerment. Statistically, Black feminism has no purpose, especially in today's climate.

If we were in Africa, feminism movements would be understandable, based on what Black queens have to endure in the social climate of many African societies. For one, mutilation of her genetilia. African women are also more likely to be raped or even killed. Based on this information, I could see an African American woman being an activist to protest these practices.

However, Black feminism in America is a joke today! In light of everything Black people are faced with, feminism is of the least importance and creates a massive division in the Black race.

In America, the Black woman has always been the backbone of the Black family. She kept it together and did what she needed to do to preserve the Black family. However, in the 60's, Black people were under attack and never saw the uppercut coming. Feminism.

Black feminism sprung up in the 60's and by the 70's it rewrote the narrative of the Black family. The way my elder tells his recollection of events, Chinese and Jewish women were filling up Social worker positions. They started telling Black women that they didn't need their men. They told them they could do better. The idea spread rapidly and and by the late 70's and into the 80's, the Black divorce rate jumped.

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That's when Black women got this notion that they "can do it by myself" and surely they "don't need no man." And there's the real popular concept that "I will be my child's daddy and his mother." As this notion spread like wildfire throughout the Black community, which always has been grounded into family values, something supernatural happened. The Black family changed drastically. And in many aspects of the Black family, the father figure wasn't apart of the Black family construct anymore. This would change everything!

The after effect of the beginning of the Black feminist movement reeks of devastation. Black women fighting Black male supremacy. The movement was faulted at the beginning.

Black men are killed more than Black women. Black men kill each other more than they kill Black women. Black men rape Black women less than white men rape white women. Black men make less money than Black women. Black men are targeted by police and government more than Black women. Black men have a higher drop out rate than Black women. Black men traditionally have lower positions in the work force than Black women, make less money and have a higher unemployment rate than than Black women. Black women were listed as the most educated gender in the USA according to stastical data.

So what is this supremacy that Black women are fighting against? It appears that even though Black women have it easier in the USA, they still feel the intrinsic need to attack their protectors and then complain when they are not protected. Talk about contradiction.

Why does the black community have black feminist when black men don’t have a history of discriminating against black women??

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Black feminists are the laughing stock of the feminist movement. Speak of which, where were these feminists when Sandra Bland was killed? But show themselves whenever something happens in the gay community. In fact, the Black feminist movement seems to be led by lesbian Black women who heavily loathe and despise Black men. When Black women support feminism, they are actually only supporting lesbian behavior, which has resulted to Black people being in the exact circumstance we are now.

Black men don't stop Black women from getting employed, since most Black men are not in such a position to employ Black women.

What's a Black feminist today? What do they believe in?

Black feminism is a behavior. Black women who attack Black men any chance they get are today's Black feminists. Black women who blame Black men for all the problems of the Black community are today's Black feminists. Black women who are bisexual or gay are today's Balck feminists. Black women who fight for the rights of white women are today's Black feminists.

Today's Black feminists are a novelty. Their movement makes no sense and their points are mute. Today's Black femenists do not support Black empowerment. Without knowing it, they actually empower white supremacy more than anything.

Then you have the result of today's Black feminist/anti Black man movement, and just look at the result... Single mothers on welfare. Poor confused women who chose thugs as their mates and then complain that Black men abuse and beat their women. No one told you to try and turn a thug into a husband. That was the foolishness of the Black feminist mind. then the poor reasoning comes into play and this what the Black feminist thinks, "I can raise my son by myself and do a better job than his no-good daddy. He don't need no daddy!"

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Now let us examine the result of the Black feminist mind: Crimerate sprang out of control as soon as the Black feminist movement caught on. Today's Black children display effiminate traits. Without daddy around to teach them how to be men, they go the other way and become bitches. Today's young Black men are overly aggressive and constantly are trying to prove their manhood. This is because no man was around to teach them manhood.

Today's Black men, in large numbers, walk around with their pants at their knees as if they are advertising their buttholes. In large numbers, too many of our Black men argue with women as if they are equal to the Black man. Today's Black men, in numbers that are too large, give the streets credit for raising them. They don't respect women or men and they have no culture. Though they desperately try to be men, their judgements are like those of little boys. Their reasoning is flawed.

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How can we fix the Black community?

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It's simple. Black women need to learn how to become good mothers and good wives again. Black women need to stop chasing after thugs and killers. This train of thinking is the thinking of little girls. Not grown women. Black women need to be more successful at choosing the men who will be apart of their child's life forever and who do not have a short lifespan. That kid needs a daddy!

Black women need to stop having children by so many different baby daddies which is repugnant and also prevalent in the Black community. One father is fine if you choose correctly and sometimes two baby fathers is understandable. But 3 or more baby fathers is seriously questionable, especially if that woman is no longer with any of the baby daddies and they are all still alive.

It comes down to maturity in the Black community and the ability to exhibit advanced reasoning and judgement.

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Today's Black Feminism movement needs to change or perhaps evolve into the Black women empowerment movement. This is the movement where we force our Black women socially to become good wives and mothers. This is the movement where wives actually take pride in cooking for and feeding their men and families. This is the movement where Black women build up Black men instead of finding fault with every aspect of the Black man or throwing up the fact that they don't need no Black man!

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In short, Black women, you are either for the Black man or you are against the Black man. Black men understand that you want to be treated equally, but the Black man has never been an enemy of the Black woman. The Black man is also incapable of systematically oppressing the Black woman. And if Black women make the Black man her enemy, it's an end game move for Black people.

Black feminists of today have been duped. They have been duped by white supremacists who thrive off of the conflict in the Black community. They have been played by white women as well as women of other races whose only agenda was to cause conflict and separation in the Black community, because the more Black people fail, the better everyone else does. Black women have been duped by Black lesbians who are easily able to turn Black women who cannot think for themselves.

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Today's Black feminists need to stop being duped by everyone! The reason everyone wants to dupe the Black woman is because they know that she is the key to stopping Black empowerment. Once we lose the Black woman, then it's game over. Like bees who lose the queen bee, we will die off without a yell or a fight in us!


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