The Power Of The Black Vote Is Responsible For 19 New Female Judges In Texas

19 Black women have become judges in Texas after winning in the midterm elections.

Posted November 11,2018 in Slavery.

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Now is a time for Black people to celebrate and be happy, especially in Texas where 19 Black women just became judges after winning the midterm elections. This is testimony of the power of the Black vote.

Due to the Black vote, history was made when a group of 19 Black women all won elections to become judges in one Texas county during the midterm elections.With a population of more than 4 million people, Harris County is the largest county in Texas and the third largest county in the US. The county effectively turned blue, with all38 district judgeselected being Democrats, including the 19 black women who won.

This is a huge celebration and win for Black people and means that the legal system in thes area will change for the benefit of Black people - thanks to them voting!

Black people must ignore posts and comments about the Black vote not being useful and that explain in full detail how Black people have no power. This is a slave concept. Black people do have power and though politics will not always be fair and sometimes our efforts may not yield the change we wanted to see, it doesn't mean to give up on voting. Think about it. The people you call your enemies - isn't that what they would want?

LaShawn Williams, who won her district judge election, posted about it two months ago, saying she was humbled to be part of a club of phenomenal Black women, sisters-in-law, gifted, brilliant, strong everything I hope to be! It is with great pride and excitement that I share this Black Girl Magic with you!

If Black people in Texas proved anything at all with these results, they definitely proved that Black votes really do matter!

We stopped at Reggae Hut and saw this on the door! wrote Angela Graves-Harrington just a few days before the election.

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