lil wayne thug rapper destruction of black people

Today’s rappers are the enforcers of white supremacy and are responsible for killing more black people than any police officers or KKK members. Rapper’s need to take responsibility for their music and use it as a tool to empower black people. Their white master’s won’t allow this behavior because it doesn’t fall in line with white supremacy. Let’s look at hip hop artists for what they really are. 99.9 percent of all Black entertainers are supporters of white supremacy. They must be, in order for them to be successful in their chosen careers.

It’s sad that rap music actually did start off as a form of black empowerment. The songs showed Black pride and many rap videos showed a black fist being waved. Shortly after, the news media was flooded with interviews of white owned companies saying that they wanted to sign individuals who had been locked up. They said they wanted to give a different perspective of voices. This move destroyed the black community literally over night, in a way that crack by itself, was not capable of. Suddenly we went from Black people who looked like drug dealers but spoke positivism, to gangster rappers who were threatening the audience that bought their albums. It was down hill ever since.

This Gay Rapper

Ironically, they used the most hardest art form on the planet to even emasculate the image of the black man.Today, rappers are tongue kissing and dressing like women. We made a serious turn from the time period of using rap music to show how hard black people were. Now the art form has literally become a joke. There is currently nothing empowering about mainstream rap music, but the state of minds of the kids and even adults who listen to and embrace this art form are more backwards than ever. They have willingly and without a fight, accepted the crazy behavior as new hip hop, refreshed. The result is a higher crime and killing rate, more poverty than ever, and a bold and newer generation of black kids who hate themselves.

Shay Johnson Is Dating An Openly Gay Rapper

Shay Johnson Is Dating An Openly Gay Rapper

None of these rappers or any black entertainers for that matter have taken their money and invested in black businesses. Businesses that are made for black people, hire black people and service black people. Every single rap entertainer has sold out their people and their communities. Dr. Umar has pointed out this foolish behavior and he is just as fed up as most civilized people. I mean come on, if you embrace this garbage we call hip hop music, then there has to be something seriously wrong with you. The art form has went from worst to just as worst. Hip hop music has become the trash can of art. Nothing inspiring or good can come from it. Dr. Umar explains why.


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