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     Tokeo Marshall 

    Music is an art form. Just like painting. Unfortunately black people get emotional during music. We need to teach our children that it is another form of art. If I paint a picture of a person committing a crime does it tell you to commit a crime. So why get hyped up and commit a crime after hearing gangster rap.. Just because Big Mo the rapper says he shot someone doesn’t mean he did it. If he did he would be in jail. Don’t be nobody’s fool children!


    I agree brother. If we pay attention to these rap lyrics and repetition, we understand that there is a message in these songs. You have someone claiming to be a thug who is saying they are “real” because they supposedly are not lying about their negative message. Then go to say that all their friends and family are also “real.” Real in this established context means that you are supposed to rob, kill and mistreat your own to show that you are “real.” Don’t snitch when a thug kills or attacks your family because that would be “not keeping it real” or selling out.

    Such music wouldn’t be allowed to have been created through white pop culture. They know the effect this music has on our children, especially ours due to the hypersensitivity that’s prevalent in our genetic make-up.

    Gangsta rap music is wrong and clearly a form of indoctrinating our own people to fight against their own cause and survival. It’s like the same way you exterminate cockroaches. Poison them with some boric acid and then let the roaches eat other. You don’t even have to do cleanup.

    When they decided they were going to let us have superheroes, they didn’t mean positive role models. They meant symbols of our behavior we could idolize and emulate while they kill and punish us for the very principles they produced and marketed to us. It was a perfect system of destruction and we fell for it.

    Rap music was clearly weaponized against us and it was never meant or supposed to empower us, though that’s how it basically started out. Once they realized it would be profitable as a destructive tool, a billion dollar industry was born. It became so profitable and powerful that now their kids are hooked on it as well.

    Ever notice how you were once the scum of the earth if you used crack? But now that white people use crack and other drugs at an alarming rate, it’s a sickness and the people need help. We shouldn’t laugh at them or talk bad about them because they are mostly good people who got caught up. The narrative always changes with them.

     Kiki Lee Lee 

    @tokeo Marshall, with regret I disagree with your sentiment in part with the exception of you alluding to the fact we all have free will to discern right from wrong. Albeit, I’ve listened to many people recount numerous times that in order to become a Rapper, one must be initiated by carrying-out a murder. Hence the terminology “Gangster Rap.”

    However, the overtone conveyed in today’s Rap certainly does not resemble the once conscious and empowering messages we were so fond of hearing on our ‘ghetto Blasters’ in the mid – late ’80’s.

    Like many, I choose not to indulge in the monotony of such ear-aching drivel, because it doesn’t inspire me in the slightest. Though, the real truth of the matter is that Rap is being used as a divisive tool to indoctrinate and disempower our youth at an alarming rate.

    The promoters of infrasonic wave propagation or simply put, infra-sound, cleverly target the youth with ‘ultra low frequencies’ coupled with a barrage of negative messages to fit an agenda of creating nothing constructive or empowering, but sheer destruction.

    The subliminal crafty work has had a clear and resounding effect on the youth, and especially on those who are marginally affected by societal vulnerabilities on a disproportionate scale.

    Unfortunately children are unable to discern very well, hence why it’s absolutely vital they’re exposed to legitimate guidance at all times to further harness positives throughout their developmental progress.

    In fact, this is tantamount to child abuse as infants are being indoctrinated with such destruction straight from the crib.

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