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    Nubian Planet makes their case: We need black social networks, just as much as we need any Black business. Don’t get fooled into believing that it doesn’t matter when the truth of the matter is that we know deep down how important it is to support a black social networking website.

    Black social networking is more important than you know

    Facebook is worth in the billions. So is Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, and Yelp along with a plethora of websites. Black Planet is not Black owned. Stop letting these Black websites deceive you without compelling research to prove that you are supporting a website that is for us and by us. This is why Black people fail when it comes to competing economically and on financial markets. No culture and no pride. Too many Black people claim everything but Black, therefore, they don’t logically have to support Black endeavors. The pathetic part is you know good and well that your mamma black. Your pappy Black. And all of your grandmothers and grandfathers identified as Black.

    We can only go on about white supremacy so much. We can only complain about white supremacy destroying what we build without building anything for so long before it just becomes stupid talk! It only takes less than a minute to sign up for a Black Social Network. And while I prefer this one, that could mean any Black social network.

    Stop being addicted to Facebook and Twitter and help grow something that actually means something to you. Stop believing that you need to appeal to white people on these white social networks and not only cut yourselves short, but also cut your families short too! There is no excuse for this level of buffoonery. Google isn’t doing this to us. Neither is Facebook. We are doing this to ourselves. On Nubian Planet, it literally takes a couple of seconds to hit the Facebook icon or choose from various social networks and join with the click of a button. Super easy.

    So why don’t Black people support Black social networking?

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