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Register for a social network that is built specifically for you. Stop using other social media that doesn’t value you or really even want you on there even though they get huge amount of dollars and statistical data about you by studying how you use their networks. It’s time to wake up and support Black Social Networks.

  • Send messages and get notified about messages.

  • Upload pictures, music, videos and docs.

  • Create articles and forums that allow you to express your ideas with no restrictions.

  • Decide if you want your information public or private.

  • List Black businesses for free.

  • Use instant messenger or our email notification system.

  • Share pictures and videos.

  • Engage in chat rooms.

  • Join or create your own movement groups that are private or public and discuss solutions and ways to move forward.

  • Learn about Black businesses and how to find Black businesses that you can promote or support.

  • Start discussions on ways to improve conditions for your people.

Support Black Social Networking. Someday in the near future, if we don’t embrace a single Black Social Network today, then we will NOT have the chance to in a few years. The internet is already rapidly changing and someday it will not operate the same way it does now.


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