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Nubian Planet does not aim to be a mere social network. We believe that aspect of empowerment is a fundamental part of our progress as a people, so we set out to create the most useful, advanced and empowering social platform that we could think of creating. When strategizing Nubian Planet, our first concern was addressing a fundamental Black issue that exists today that affects Nubian people all over the world. Gathering to share memes and talk about current issues was an important concern, but it wasn’t the most important.

Besides basic messaging, posting, and sharing pictures and memes, Nubian Planet offers an advanced platform that will enable our members to build and generate wealth. You do not have to use these features but they are a primary part of our website. Building wealth and Black businesses are the fruit of our most ideal beliefs. We have created opportunities to learn, share, and grow. Members are encouraged to become vendors and sell unlimited products. Basically, anything you can sell online – you can sell on Nubian Planet.


Chat with friends and make new ones. Network with like-minded Nubian people. Message your connections. Start the conversation in the groups and invite your friends and family. Build your social empire on the platform that was made just for you!

Teach Knowledge

Teach about the subjects you love by creating your own school. Charge for your wisdom and make a supplemental or full-time income using social media that pays you for your precious time. Nubian Planet was created to empower you and your wallet!

Open A Store

Create your own store a few easy steps and start selling products immediately. Everyone who is registered will want to sell your products because they will be commissioned. This is called group economics and it's a smart way to grow your business.

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