Cops Indicted For Murder

Of all the white cops that have killed innocent and unarmed black people, there have been zero prosecutions. However, two officers, Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr., were arrested and charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder when they were in pursuit of Chris Few. Chris Few was driving with his 6 year old son, Jeremy Mardis in the front seat of his car. The two Louisianan officers fired multiple times and struck both of them when Chris Few reversed his car to back up. Apparently, Few was injured, but Mardis died after being struck in the head and chest.

When a black person dies by the hands of the police, traditionally, just the fact that they tried to evade police officers is enough to have everyone including black people saying that they shouldn’t have tried to flee. The idea becomes that they created the circumstances that led to whatever injury occurs. When a white person gets shot it becomes intolerable and always we find that the police officers could have and should have done more to ensure that no one was injured.

When Few hit a dead end, he backed up his vehicle to try and flee. Maybe he intended to use his vehicle as a weapon against the police officers. Unless they had x-ray vision, they couldn’t possibly see what surprises lie hidden in the vehicle. I’m only playing devil’s advocate. We all know that if the officer’s were white, no charges would have been filed. few was the one being served a warrant and said this, ““I can tell you, as a father, it was one of the most disturbing things I’ve witnessed… Jeremey Mardis, 6 years old — he didn’t deserve to die like that.

Edmond called the body cam footage, “the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.” Apparently Edmond hasn’t been watching all the innocent black deaths that have went viral over the last few years. The truth is simple and not really so complex. White lives matter and black lives do not, at least in the eyes of the system.

And what about good old grieving daddy, Chris Few, who was driving with his 6 year old son in the vehicle, in the front seat? Perhaps if this loving father sat his son in the back seat, he would still be alive. And what about child endangerment? As far as the law is concerned, Chris Few did nothing wrong because he has the privilege of being white.  That washes away all of his crime and sin.

“Justice has been done tonight,” Edmonson said after Greenhouse and Stafford were arrested and charged.

But a few years back when police broke into woman’s home and a white cop shot her daughter in the head, the cop said sorry and was not punished. Her daughter was about 7 years old. Footage of the shooting was placed on social media and that footage was very troubling to watch. Too bad she was black. If she was white and the officer was black, she would have at least gotten her justice.

The bold and uncaring truth is that black lives do not matter in the eyes of the law. The legal system itself was set up to keep black people serving as slaves and it continues to do just that. I would argue that black people need more police officers. But that won’t fix the problem. What black people need is more politicians, judges, lawmakers, lawyers, and yes… more police officers. Marching won’t fix anything. Not unless we are marching for more lawyers, judges, prosecutors, lawmakers and politicians who have our better interests at heart.

It took the Louisiana State Police less than one week to charge Greenhouse and Stafford with second-degree murder in Jeremy’s death. Their bond has been set at $1 million. They have been excoriated publicly as criminals and murderers. Their badges have protected them from neither the court of law nor that of public opinion.

Again, I am not defending these cops or stating that they do not deserve to be punished. However, I am saying that when white cops commit far worst crimes that outwardly racist in motive and intent, they should be punished as well. I am saying that black people get no justice. It’s sad what happened to this white child but at least he received justice. A rare instance occurred in which an innocent white child died at the hands of the police and the world is outraged over it. When this happens on a daily basis to black people, the world has become so anesthetized by the common occurrence, that when it happens tomorrow to a 6 year old black child, no one will really care.


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