Dr. Umar Johnson explains how the church hold back the Black community. Dr. Umar Johnson explains that there are five elements present in the Black community that holds Black people back. Among those things holding Black people back are the Black bourgeoisie. The five types of bourgeoisie are academic, status, economic, media and church, with church playing one of the biggest roles in holding Black people back.

Dr. Umar explains how the Black church doesn’t fight to improve Black economics, crime, academics or play any role in politics. Ironically, the Black church is used as Novocaine. It rejoices about being jolly and happy no matter how bad your situation is, but how you will enjoy a paradise once you are dead. Umar explains that the church is a path to escapism. He provides that the church keeps Black people brainwashed in an ideology that you don’t have to fix your problems, but just pray to God and pay your pastors and allow God to fix them.

He explains how the Black church economically cripples the Black community because it takes all of its money and invests into White owned banks. Once these White owned and controlled establishments have the Black dollar, they do not need to invest this money into Black communities or business’ but instead they can give this money to organizations whose purpose are to destroy the Black community, which is rather ironic.

Dr Umar also says that it is lunacy that Black people would rather be called American than African American. He proclaims its foolish to want to fit in or be apart of a system that is founded on the blood and destruction of Black people. Umar also talks about Trayvon Martin and explains why the protests had no effect on the outcome of the trial and called out black leaders such as Al Sharpton on their roles.



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