LGBT Pride ceremony overtaken by black activists

LGBTQ community had another nonsense parade in Philadelphia and the People got tired of the bs and took over the parade! Good for Philadelphia! They shifted the conversion and focus on racism. The gay ceremony is normally held outside City Hall but was moved  indoors on Sunday due to the rain. I agree implicitly that we focus too much energy and concentrate on the wrong elements when it comes to struggle and moving forward as a people.

This strategy was intellectual and smart. I commend this type of action. Take over these meaningless events that get far too much attention and shift it back on the issues that are really important. People that don’t want to hear this conversation must hear it and no better course of action than bum rushing an LGBT movement that is actually racist against black people, and then calling them out on their B.S.

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What actually sparked the protest was when an LGBT business owner in Center City, a section referred to as Gayborhood, got attention for allegedly using racial and homophobic slurs (attacking heterosexuals).

Philadelphia Mayor commented:

“As I have said previously, there is no denying that racism and discrimination is an issue within the LGBT community. The Gayborhood should be a sanctuary for all in the LGBT community, but sadly not everyone is welcome at some of its institutions, and until real steps are taken to address racist dress code policies or other instances of institutionalized discrimination, I will not go to those institutions.

Discrimination in the Gayborhood and across the city is not something that one person or one office can be expected to solve on its own – it’s on all of us – and I hope the hearing that the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations is holding on racism in the Gayborhood will start to move that ball forward. I intend to be there to do my part in ensuring that it does, and I encourage all others that are invested in change to attend as well.”

The protesters at Sunday’s flag raising argued that the Kenney administration and the Office of LGBT Affairs, helmed by former assistant district attorney Nellie Fitzpatrick, are in denial about racism in the city’s LGBTQ community and called for action to be taken against it, reported NBC.

So basically you have an unimportant ceremonial event that later became a movement for empowering the black race. Hopefully, we will see this happen more. Mass media and the powers that be, love shifting away from racism because it exposes their supremacist system and makes it vulnerable. The LGBT movement is nothing more than a distraction from what is actually effecting us all and causing the most conflict. I am happy Philadelphia saw through the lies.

As a people we must remember, any fighting against any other power other than white supremacy, is no friend of ours. That makes them enemies.


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