Many black, Indian and oriental women are addicted to skin bleaching. They believe that being lighter is more beautiful without realizing the dangers of skin bleaching. This seems to be the traditional idea of beauty all around the world. Do these women really look more beautiful lighter than darker?

If a black person has lesions or a dark area around their face that needs to get lightened, then there is no problem with treating those specific areas of the skin. The problem emerges when they attempt to lighten their entire face and/or bodies, in an attempt to get an unreasonable fair skin that black people are just not supposed to have. Once you consider that many people who use skin bleaching creams and products are actually damaging their skin and later they often require skin therapy to try and fix the problem they caused, you would ask how such a practice could even come to be, especially in Nigeria where lighter skin is valued more highly than darker skin. 77 percent of women in Nigeria use skin-lightening products, the world’s highest percentage. Nigerian men also bleach their skin.

In order to figure out this enigma, you will learn that the problem these people have is not a physical one, but a mental one. Light skin has been branded as being better than dark skin in our country and this has pricked at the pride and self esteem of African Americans who have learned to value light skin over their natural darker skin. The problem that must be fixed is the perspective of black people who have been conditioned to believe and weak enough to accept that lighter is better when it is clearly not.

Tami Roman On Skin Bleaching Rumors

Skin Bleaching, Self-Hatred

BBC Africa recently posted an article by Pumza Fihlani entitled “Africa: Where Black is not really Beautiful.” Highlighting the well-publicized case.

Did Nicki Minaj lighten her skin with skin bleaching creams and products or is it just the lighting of cameras as she claims?

Why are women playing down skin-bleaching

Before and after photos of Kenya socialite Vera Sidika, the most recent celebrity to add fuel to the skin-bleaching fire after she revealed she’d spent tens of thousands of dollars on lighting her skin.



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