Arlington Police Forced Mom To Give Up Video Of Her Sons Arrests

On Thursday, Arlington mother Latasha Nelson said that, Arlington police offered to drop charges against her two sons if she gave up the cell phone video she shot of the incident, where an officer is seen throwing her 16 year old son to the ground with unnecessary, excessive force.

The incident which took place last Monday, 3rd July, caused a huge uproar after being posted on Facebook Wednesday night by the Next Generation Action Network, a civil & human rights activist organization.  Page visitors immediately slammed the officer, of Arlington Police Department for not obliging the mothers request when she asked where they were taking her son.

Latasha Nelson, mother of the two detained teenage boys recorded the entire incident on her cellphone.  In the video, you can hear Ms Nelson repeatedly asking where they were taking her 14 year old son, after he was placed in the police car.


14yr old boy detained by police. When his mother asks where they’re taking him, they handcuff his 16yr old brother too.

Posted by Nubian Planet on Thursday, 13 July 2017


Arlington Investigating officer Haning who detained the 14 year old boy for suspected car burglary said, he wasn’t going to tell the mother where they were taking her son because she was being uncooperative.  But according to the cellphone footage, Ms Nelson can be heard respectfully addressing the officer and was very cooperative prior to him saying he wasn’t going to tell her where they were taking her 14 year old son.

Any parent would be concerned about the whereabouts of their child, additionally, they’re also within their rights to ask questions.  Officer Haning acted outside his remit by refusing to address Ms Nelson’s question.  Therefore, this was a clear breach of process and tantamount to kidnapping as a minor was involved.

The 16 year old, elder son was thrown to the ground after footage of officer Haning showed him approaching Ms Nelson and her teenage son.  He too was detained for interfering with police investigation.

Footage from Latasha Nelson’s cell phone showing Arlington Police Department demanding it to be handed over.

Arlington Police Department incident involving teenage boys

Footage from Latasha Nelson’s cell phone (mother of teenage boys), just before Arlington Police Department seizes it.

Posted by Nubian Planet on Friday, 14 July 2017



Charges need to be dropped for both the teenage boys and in the case of the suspected 14 year old, there is insufficient evidence to support the allegation of car burglary.  Ms Nelson has since filed an official ‘use of force’ complaint for they way Arlington police dealt with her sons.


Press conference with family regarding the incident with Arlington Police

See full press conference here



Official Statement Issued By Arlington Police Department

Response to video posted on social media.

Posted by Arlington Police Department on Thursday, 13 July 2017


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