An innocent Black child was sitting waiting for public transportation when cops approached him and began harassing him; telling him he didn’t belong there and that they wanted him to leave.

The Black child exclaimed, “But I didn’t do anything.” His white friend started recording the boy being harassed by the police officers and then one of the officers waved his hands before the camera obstructing the filming to avert the racist behavior of those police officers.

He tells the police that his friend was going to be in trouble too for exposing this incident on his cell phone but the officers didn’t assault him. However, what they ended up doing was beating up the Black kid and tasering him before standing him up and putting him in handcuffs.

All this for simply being in a white neighborhood and not being white. You can hear his friend screaming and trying to defend him but he has no effect on the police officers behavior. This is outright racism.


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