Dr. Umar Johnson Vs. Tariq Nasheed Beef

The Black Conscious Community keeps looking like a spectacle online.  If one thing is true from the depiction of how so-called elite Black leaders behave, one thing is certain; they still don’t know how to behave properly.

12.30.17 - Dr. Umar Johnson address Tariq Nasheed

Tariq Nasheed Goes Gangster On Dr. Umar Johnson

There is a feeling of sadness that sweeps over many when confronted with the leadership in the Black community, and especially the Black conscious community.  There seems to be no standard of excellence set, which causes more confusion in a community where the people who engage in the collective ideals, should be conscious to some degree.  What is most disappointing is that these so-called leaders exhibit everything except for the ability to lead.  Sometimes it’s almost as if these guys are a psyops operation performing their task.  Which would be to lead the conscious community in the wrong direction.

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As Nubian people we know that intelligence is supreme and a person’s emotional state is only a distraction from excellence.  The more emotional we become, then the less effective we will be in society or any movement.  Perhaps it is due to Black peoples unique melanin and hypersensitivity that, as a group, just can’t seem to get it together. Emotion seems to run the Black conscious community, which paralyzes an enormous degree of excellence that should be ubiquitous in the Black community.

Dr. Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed Are Caught At Each Other’s Throats

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Dr Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed have issues with each other, and now they are all over the internet attacking each other. The problem is when they are not at each other’s throats, they are usually talking against white supremacy.

Many of our Black conscious leaders have been vigilant in attacking white supremacy.  Most of them talk down on gangster rap music and some have even had viral videos talking about the negative effects of promoting self-hatred. They aim to overturn discontent in the Black community.  According to these leaders, the gangster rappers are deplorable and should not be promoting violence within the Black community.

In a contradicting way, these same leaders have had emotionally charged debates, exchanging malign and contemptuous words towards each other, and even inciting physical violence expressed from all participating individuals.

For instance, quite recently, Dr. Umar Johnson had a feud with Tariq Nasheed publicly.  Both of these well known public figures who represent the Black Conscious Community in their own way, completely

debased each other and openly discussed what many would consider a personal disagreement that should’ve been handled out of public view. It’s natural for a team to disagree with one another and when that happens, it’s NOT always going to be pleasant.  Dr. Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed are both known and well established in the Black community.  The way they handled themselves publicly was completely unprofessional and totally unnecessary.

There was a time when Black people would frown upon, and disagree when public media perpetually shone a negative and dim light on events surrounding the Black community.

For instance, news agencies are forever broadcasting and highlighting images of “Black on Black crime,” whilst other crime doesn’t get half as much negative attention.  In fact, when people from other communities commit crime, the usual narrative is pictures shown of them smiling, embracing family, graduating from high school, or the white picket fence-once squeaky clean, apple pie background.  Even their very criminal acts are traditionally reinforced with positive images and words, just like in all cases of “white lone wolf, domestic terrorists.”  Dylann Roof, is just one of many in a very long lineup.

When Black people are shown in the media for anything negative, the media presentation is usually reinforced with photos of them looking as menacing as possible.  No pictures of them smiling or graduating from high school either.  The tone is very different and purposely aimed to incite heightened emotion and tension amongst domestic and international viewers.   These images are seen all over the world, and it’s global foothold undoubtedly controls the thinking of the collective audiences.

Even with this divisive and perpetual propaganda against Black people, it’s depressing that Dr. Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed didn’t possess the mental prowess to have settled their differences away from the onlooking general public.  In fact, Black people shouldn’t have to be lumped with the aftermath when their so-called leaders disagree or, are at odds with each other in the public domain.  The ability to control one’s temperament should’ve allowed for such an ill display of moral ethic to be kept from public view. However, just the opposite transpired in that instance with Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Umar Johnson.

The two men were so eager to go at each other’s throats in front of the Black community that their broadcasts were live simultaneously.  There was even an instance where Tariq Nasheed threatened to beat-up Dr. Umar Johnson.  But why the madness?

This is never a good thing for the Black community when we witness our leaders go for blood from each other and the main thing they claim to be fighting against (which is supposed to be white supremacy), becomes the main thing that they advocate.  Sadly, it’s these very circumstances that don’t propel our people forward, but sends them spiralling backwards at an uncontrollable rate.

The Downfall Of The Black Conscious Community

Fighting The Fight Against White Supremacy

If you follow or are engaged in the Black conscious community at all, then I understand your disappointment. All the people want is leaders who can fight on their behalf, yet, all we have gotten from the Black conscious community is leaders who fight with everyone and everything except against white supremacy.  It truly makes one ponder if white supremacy really exists, because it illustrates the notion of Black inferiority.  Yet socially, Black people behave worse than those who are responsible for our current situation.

It is clear that white supremacy is systematically a real and powerful thing.  No one has made that up.  We all know it exists and that there is a system in place that behaves racially towards any type of advancement of Black people. These powers are those that also control mainstream media.  They control Facebook and other social networking platforms, as well as the news, magazines, newspapers; and even the images and words you see when you buy food. But how has this affected Black peoples ability to function in modern America?

One could convincingly argue that slavery only ended a little over a hundred years ago.  This means that some of our relatives that we have known in our lifetimes could have been slaves.  Knowing this fact, stems the heavy realization that we have come a very long way.   And that fact is undeniably true.

Since slavery ended, we have had marvellous revolutions in such a short period of time.  We built the first Black Wall Street in Greenwood, Oklahoma, which was a prominent city of well established and financially astute Black people who ran businesses and lived fabulous lifestyles in prominent communities.  Some folks were unhappy with the immediate progress of Black people, and in 1921, jealous white people led one of the worst documented holocausts in the history of mankind.  It sent a clear message that white supremacy was alive and well, and that white people would defend systematic racism by any means necessary.

The U.S. government was reported to have dropped bombs on the town to ensure that it was wiped off the face of the earth.  Strewn amongst the ruins were dismembered bodies of mothers and their children lining the streets of every square inch of that once progressive community.

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We have had strong revolutionary warriors such as Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who fought white supremacy – but that was not even 50 years ago when we marched for our freedom and fought to ride on the front seats of buses.  Since then it’s been less than 50 years and today we’ve elected a Black president, created works of art, clothing lines, record companies, etc., which has collectively amassed billions of dollars of wealth, and yet achieved so much despite all that there is going against us.

Please Do Not Take This To The Streets

Black people have more important things to do than to support the downfall of our people.  We don’t want to see our pro black leaders masquerade as revolutionaries, yet act as gangster rappers and thugs.

Nubian Planet has a message for you Black activists out there.  We are in a time period where Black people are beginning to wake up, and it’s a moment of clarity.  Every Black leader who is not worthy will be called out on their B.S.  We know where we are and we know where we need to be.  If you activists and pro black speakers can’t get it together, then you cannot represent us, and the opportunity to do just that will be taken from you.

Conversely, many Black leaders complain about being questioned and chastised by the public.  They feel as though it’s their own people trying to bring them down.  That’s not the case at all.  Black people are smarter now and enduring the process of waking up, asking more questions and expecting more answers.

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The Black community wants and demands a certain level of excellence that our leaders don’t seem to be willing to provide, and we are NOT standing for this anymore.

We understand that your intentions may be good and that you’re only human, just as the rest of us.  Not good enough though!  You have a job to do as a leader – and that’s to lead with an exemplary example, and especially before the youth in our community.  So, you want to assume the role of a leader, then stop the foolishness and lead! We don’t want sob stories, and we don’t want excuses for why you can’t exemplify excellence for the good of your own people.  Going at each other’s throats and making a public spectacle of Black people on white social media outlets far exceeds an abominable level of ineptitude and could well be career ending.  This is not the leadership and level of excellence that Black people have been waiting for, nor deserve.

Dr. Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed need to get their act together!


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