Oh No – No They Are Executing Black Men In Wheelchairs!!!

black man in wheelchair executed

Earlier today, police officers fatally shot a black man in a wheelchair who was no threat and does nothing wrong.  These officers shot Jeremy McDole, 28, of Wilmington this Wednesday.

Police officers claim that they were responding to a 911 call about a man who shot him himself and had a handgun. McDole was already paralyzed from a shooting from ten years ago. Officers say he did not obey commands to show his hands and refused to put his invisible weapon down. They say he was shot as he attempted to remove the gun from his waist.

They claim they recovered a .38 caliber handgun next to McDole’s body. They say they don’t know if he pointed the gun at any of the four officers, “but when he went to remove the weapon, they engaged him.”

This shooting is being investigated by the police department’s criminal investigation and professional standards units, as well as the Delaware Department of Justices Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust. The investigations taking place will determine whether any officers will be charged or not. The Sherrif said the officer’s are on leave but he doesn’t see any wrongdoing.

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