Taylor Swift wants Africa to be white instead of black. Black people can’t have “nuffin!” She actually loves Africa, but she said what messes up the continent are the black African people. Taylor Swift dreams of an all white Africa. “Put the blacks in Europe or something and let the white people have Africa. Shucks, we will even give them Europe if they want it!” It makes sense, especially since we know that Africa is the richest land on the planet earth and the real cradle of civilization. Sorry. It wasn’t Mesopotamia. Give me a break. And by the way, Mesopotamia was filled with black people according to all of the artifacts we’ve recovered from there. Sorry again white people!

According to The Guardian, Taylor Swift’s Colonial fantasy may have helped her career to finally run its course.

After a marathon 15-hour meeting, all 54 members of the African union agreed to ban Taylor Swift from setting foot on the continent for the rest of her life due to her shooting a video that insults all Africa’s 1.1 billion inhabitants.

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What I find interesting about Taylor Swifts stunning comments is that white billionaires are buying up land in Africa at vast rates. Some are buying entire countries from corrupt leaders that should be hung. One day she may actually have her wish of a white Africa. Thanks to Opto genetics, wars are being fought in Africa that have lasted centuries. Ebola and other diseases are running rampant all over Africa. Not to mention that Europe is not only allowing Africans to come over there, but they are giving incentives such as free homes and jobs. It appears, they just want them out of their Africa. And they are getting their way. Can you imagine an all white Africa?

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Taylor Swift does a love song in which the art and clothes express a colonial Africa controlled by white people. The imagery is very interesting. When white people finally get their dream Africa, it will be void of blacks and they will turn Africa into the paradise that God meant for it to be. 


Hollywood is sure good at pushing the agenda of white supremacy in the mind’s of the world’s inhabitants.



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