Modern Egyptians are Fake Egyptians.

Modern Egyptians claim to be descendants of the Ancient Egyptians. Well from the Ancient drawings made by the Ancient Egyptians, did the Ancient Egyptians have white skin, blue/green eyes like todays modern Egyptians? NO. If you look they have no facial features. It’s because the real Ancient Egyptians were Black and in this video I have pictures of Ancient Egyptians compared to the modern who look nothing alike.

DNA studies have claimed that most modern Egyptians descend from European invaders who took over such as the Greeks, Romans, Ottoman Turks, French, British and drove out the real Ancient Egyptians into parts of Africa but we are here now to claim back our history and land. If you notice as well, Egyptians have no Ancient Egyptian culture in them, they don’t dress like them, dance like they use to, nor do they even have Ancient Egyptian words in their language. The Ancient Egyptian women were known to always wear wigs, which is not common among the Fake Egyptians of today, it’s common among Black Culture.

They are as Fake as the White Jews, the White Palestinians = Fake Canaanites. These Fake Egyptians of today should stop stealing our culture and history and go back to Europe: Greece, Turkey, Italy, Crete, France.


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