A young pretty black girl is not allowed to wear her hair natural. Her and her parents complained that she is bullied, and that’s when her school said that she has to perm her hair or she would be kicked out. The school maintains that they are not being racist but only looking out for the interests of other students and therefore, want to make sure that she is not disturbing them too much. What’s sad about this story is not the fact that the teachers are trying to be intentionally racist. I don’t believe that they are. What’s sad is the fact that they do not realize how racist they are acting by not letting this black child wear her natural hair. It’s almost the same thing as sending a message throughout that school that if black people want to wear their natural hair, then they will be disciplined for it. It appears that the girl will be forced to find schooling at another school if she doesn’t comply and cut her ‘distraction’ which of course is her natural hair that she was born with.

Racism is an intentional act. Sometimes racism exists due to white supremacy or lacking culture awareness. This school would see no problem or distraction of any sort with a straight haired white kid who wears their hair natural, but they are forbidding a black alumni from wearing their hair naturally. This story saddens me and this level of racism should not be allowed in our schools. The number one priority of schools is to teach. Another factor that goes into teaching is teaching the children racial and cultural awareness. But the alumni at this school will not get that experience and their knowledge of these things are being greatly limited.

beautiful black natural hair

This girl loves herself and she embraces her natural hair, which has always been a problem in the black community, only to be scolded and disciplined by the school staff for it. This is indeed an injustice and this young bright honors student should be able to wear her hairstyle natural if she wants to. If black people wearing their hair natural is a distraction, then I believe that there is a greater issue at hand that needs to be dealt with.

Black women often get heat about wearing weaves and not going natural. When black women go natural, they still get bullied. Black women can’t win.

beautiful natural curly hair


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