slave chains around neck

Black people want reparations, but the bigger question is will they receive atonement. It’s not impossible, but first hand, black people need to get organized. Their first step needs to be communing together to rally for change. Black people have to learn to come together to affect any real change. Without working together, our movements become a joke. Black people need to organize and be just as smart as our oppressors. We need our own social networks and communities and we have to be sure that they are ran by black people. Only other blacks can be trusted to monitor and implement the social behavior of other blacks. Get the hell off of Facebook and Twitter! Use black social networks. We don’t have many, but we have one that I know of.. and that’s this website. Join and get involved. Share with your friends. This website seems like a small website which it is right now, but this website can and will change everything.

Black people have to stop asking for our reparations. They will laugh at us and accuse us of trying to get something for nothing. We must take our reparations. We won’t be able to do that unless we commune together, in an organized fashion and really get to the root of what we need in order to get ahead. It all starts with networking. And luckily the internet has made it easier than ever for us to network and discuss real ideas and real solutions. Hey, putting nice funny memes on Facebook is cute, but that is not going to help us. That will not help us progress. Now is the time to enjoin immediate action against the obstacles and forces that are oppressing our movements.

Black people will not receive atonement in this lifetime unless black people can first, control our own social networks, businesses, and find ways to hold on to the black dollar longer. Recycle that dollar among ourselves. Because the moment we let that dollar leave our hands, we surrender basically everything!


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