Black People Of The Diaspora Are Not Ready To Build Their Own Nation

Black people are not even close to being ready to build our own nation. We have become too complacent and comfortable on white owned platforms and to used to white people taking care of us to build for ourselves.

Posted October 10,2018 in Life Style.

King Tut
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The idea seems nice and grand of Black people building their own nation. It would be like saying look what we achieved after everything that has been done to us as a people. But the reality is not as grand.

Black people are not ready to build their own nation yet. The social behavior online is telling, and we are not the only ones studying this behavior.

The truth of the matter is that Black people don't even support Black websites, which they claim they want. The truth of the matter is that they feel more comfortable on the same platforms that they rally against.

Black people will complain about certain platforms being racist and against them, but that doesn't stop them from using these platforms everyday, then complain about these websites putting them in a digital jail for expressing themselves.

The nonsense behavior includes going on these platforms they feel are against them, and complaining about these platforms - while using these platforms.

If Black people won't even use something as simple as a Black website for their social needs, then what makes anyone think or believe that these same Black people will support their own nation.

Remember, we tried repatriation and it didn't work out so well. Look at what happened in Liberia! The behavior of our people and inability to cooperate with each other is beyond dysfunctional. With such behavior, nation building is not an option at this point in time. We shouldn't delude ourselves with fantasies of the impossible. Remember, all this is based on our social behavior.

And please, don't even say it's about money. In a couple of weeks, we spent over a billion dollars on the Black Panther movie. We support a trillion dollar netbase, that we squander away to the very same people that we protest.

Our problems are not a financial problem. It's a problem of basic common sense that the Black community refuses to address.

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