The Vesica Piscis Is The Mother Of All Things: Sacred Geometry 1


A root principle of Sacred Geometry, The Vesica Piscis. The universe is created by division, but once it becomes duality, you have the creation of all things. We refer to this as the big bang. This is the point all relationships begin. Two circles intertwine and form the Vesica Piscis.  A perfect geometrical sphere, if you will..

We start with unity, evolve into duality and then you have trilateral.  A ‘cross’ is created in the centre, which flips into infinity and then back out of it. Overlapping circles all the way into infinity. This is an unbelievably deep and rich understanding of the universe.

Spiralling into a Vesica Piscis, it is right in the heart of infinity or something expanding into infinite proportions.

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