Colin Kaepernick Responds To Coons Who Call His Protest Dumb


“At the end of the day, the flag is just a piece of cloth and I am not going to value a piece of cloth over people’s lives.” Colin Kaepernick has taken a lot of heat from protesting the flag and the national anthem. His ambition was to start...

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Philadelphia Bum Rushes LGBT Gay Pride March – Good For Philadelphia!!!

LGBT Pride ceremony overtaken by black activists

LGBTQ community had another nonsense parade in Philadelphia and the People got tired of the bs and took over the parade! Good for Philadelphia! They shifted the conversion and focus on racism. The gay ceremony is normally held outside City Hall but was moved  indoors on Sunday due to...

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Black Owned Banks List Directory

Control your Black dollar! Black people are realizing that it has become increasingly more important than ever to control the Black dollar by investing in Black owned banks. We understand that the reason that Black people have no power is because we spend all of our money financing resources...

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Dr Umar – The Black Church Is Holding Black People Back

Dr. Umar Johnson explains how the church hold back the Black community. Dr. Umar Johnson explains that there are five elements present in the Black community that holds Black people back. Among those things holding Black people back are the Black bourgeoisie. The five types of bourgeoisie are academic, status,...

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Comedian Mo’nique Explains How Black Women Should Treat Black Men


There is power in a woman being submissive to her man. “Stop trying to think you have the penis women!” Comedian Mo’nique has a message for so-called Black feminists. Mo’nique doesn’t hold back as she explains to black women why they need to play their position when it comes...

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Ethiopians Are Not Different From West Africans Historically – And They Knew It!

ethiopian people protest

Ethiopians, who are also an ethnically mixed group of various people of African descent, and Afro-Americans, who are also known as the most culturally diverse people on the planet, have a pretty long history together. When Ethiopians first began immigrating to the USA in 1808, most of them settled...

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Attention Seeking Father Charged with Battery For Beating Son Posting On Social Media

idiot father beats son bloody posts on social media

A Virginia father was disciplining his son for cutting class. As a means of discipline he decided that he would put on boxing gloves and spar with his son to teach him a lesson. So far, good parenting. His 17 year old son was captured leaking blood all over...

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