Black Fitness Women Who Never Age And How They Stay So Young

Some Black fitness women don’t age. They literally don’t know how to age.

Some black women don’t know how to age. This may be one of the biggest advantages to possessing a high content of melanin in the body. It’s an attribute that black people naturally possess. Black people have an intrinsic ability to age much slower than people of other lighter races, such as Caucasians. Imagine being 70 or even 80 years old and looking better than most 22 year old’s. That is something that is compellingly inspirational.

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When black women take care of their bodies, they surely clean up. Naturally, black women age slower than light skin or white women due to the color of their skin and also the melanin which fights off aging. We explore amazing stories of black women who never age and appear to stay young-looking forever. Black women’s true beauty shine when they take care of their bodies and don’t smoke, drink too much, or use recreational drugs.

Still beautiful at over 70 years old. Linda Wood is a professional bodybuilder and it appears that she doesn’t age. She can lift more than most weight lifters, men and women, and says she is looking forward to 80. Plainly, she has something to prove. If you have any hot pictures of people over 70 or even younger that look awesome for their age, or yourself, please share. These days, millennial women are burning out at work by 30.

Wendy Ida is a 64-year-old grandma with one hell of a fitness plan!

Karyn Calabrese is 65   Image result for Karyn Calabrese

Her name is Karyn Calabrese and she is 65. Proof that you can look young if you take care of your body. This is such great inspiration.

wendy ida, 60 years old

Image result for Wendy Ida   Image result for Wendy Ida

Wendy Ida is her name and yep, she is 60 years old. She could pass for forty or even younger than that!

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At 70 years old, she doesn’t look it!

annette larkins is beautiful and looks 25 years old but actually 70

Annette Larkins is 72 years old and doesn’t look a day over 27. She is very inspirational and has appeared on a variety of talk shows regarding her ageless beauty. Annette Larkins discovered the popular raw food diet when she was in her 20’s. She began growing her own food and refused anything that was cooked. Larkins tried to convince her husband of her newly discovered raw food diet, but he said it wasn’t for him.

One may wonder if their future was fair. Annette Larkins stayed suspended in time, hardly aging at all, while she watched her husband debilitate with time and become unhealthier throughout the years. This day Annette Larkins gets approached by young men, assuming her husband of fifty years is only her father. She maintains that she has never even considered cheating on him or divorcing him. Now that is true love.

While Annette Larkins is as healthy as a teenager, her husband has assumed various illness and disease throughout their lives together and takes various medicines. She still encourages him to eat healthier and try raw cooked food, but he won’t even consider the idea. Today, the two of them are a happy couple.

Annette Larkins presents inspiration and a newly discovered possibility of our own immortality, as do the other women posted. If we take care of our bodies, we can cheat death and time, just a little, and live a lot longer.

Annette Larkin in her wonderful garden

We have all heard the expression, “Black don’t crack,” but I am sure we have all seen that it does when we don’t take care of our bodies. If we took better care of our bodies, then perhaps, we could all look 27 when we are 70, or even 90!

Wendy Ida at age 57! Entering her FIRST fitness contest and....WINNING IT!!!

Wendy Ida at age 57! Entering her FIRST fitness contest. Guess what? She won.. Ha ha ha.

Image result for Ernestine Shepherds   Image result for Ernestine Shepherds

Earnestine Sheppards is an inspiration to us all, as she is one of the oldest body builders alive today at 77 years old, happily married. Proof that age is just a number and all in our heads. I believe that if we program our bodies and minds, we can live forever!

Fabulously fit at 62 years old... Vivian Lawrence has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Vivian Lawrence has 3 children and 7 grandchildren and is 63 years old. She is quite fabulous at this 63 and I can only wish that I look half this good when I am 63 years old. These women are amazing!

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Linda Wood – at 70 years old, you can’t get any more hotter than this. She knows secrets that I need to have!

Linda Wood shows her bulging biceps from over 70 years of working out   Image result for linda wood

Linda Wood Hoyte shows her bulging biceps from over 70 years of working out with a cute curly hairstyle and fabulous brown patterned blouse.

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