Black Owned Banks List Directory

Control your Black dollar! Black people are realizing that it has become increasingly more important than ever to control the Black dollar by investing in Black owned banks. We understand that the reason that Black people have no power is because we spend all of our money financing resources...

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Dr Umar – The Black Church Is Holding Black People Back

Dr. Umar Johnson explains how the church hold back the Black community. Dr. Umar Johnson explains that there are five elements present in the Black community that holds Black people back. Among those things holding Black people back are the Black bourgeoisie. The five types of bourgeoisie are academic, status,...

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‘Star Wars: Force Awakens’ Tops ‘Avatar’ to Become No. 1 Film of All Time

boycott star wars number one selling movie of all time in us

Racist ‘Star Wars’ Fans Call for ‘Force Awakens’ Boycott, Fail Miserably. ‘Star Wars VII’ did break the internet, just not quite in the way the trolls imagined. ‘Star Wars: Force Awakens’ Tops ‘Avatar’ to Become No. 1 Film of All Time in North America not accounting for inflation. Force...

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Black Doll Outsells Barbie: Nigerian Man Couldn’t Find Black Dolls – Made Doll That Outsells Barbie


“Queens of Africa” dolls take on Barbie in Nigeria. It’s a question I have posed plenty of times. Why don’t black people take over the black doll market? I did an Article about Nicki Minaj getting a Barbie Doll done for her, which I thought was outrageous. Why not...

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White People Play The Race Card Far More Often Than Black People

Gunn Wrights 9:01 PM First, it’s not just one moron’s screen name – each of you have mentioned how we are all from Africa in a lot of your posts..  Hell, that’s been the general thesis of this entire thread.   And thank you BOTH for proving me correct....

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Toni Braxton Exposes Black Friday As Slave Trade Day

toni braxton exposed black friday

Toni Braxton has exposed Black Friday for the sadistic holiday it is and exposes what the true celebration of Black Friday celebrates and opts out. The term “Black Friday” originated with the practice of selling off slaves on the day after Thanksgiving. The website Snopes disagrees. According to Snopes,...

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African American / White Technology Internet Divide – Astronomically Behind!!!

Young woman on social media with holographic icons

This report on African Americans and technology is the first in a series of demographic snapshots of technology use and adoption among different groups of adults in the United States. Based on a survey of 6,010 American adults, including 664 who identify as African American, it offers a detailed...

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Black Social Networking Movement – Why They Are Important

Black Social Networking – Why Do Black People Feel Like They Should Only Use Non-Black Social Networks? There is no shortage of social networks, but there is a huge shortage of relevant black owned social networks. There are tens of thousands of websites that allow us to join and...

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