Black Social Network Movement


Embrace your Nubian brothers and sisters with chat, photos, messaging, blogs and sharing relevant information.


Make money on the number one Nubian Social network that allows you to sell to and buy from Nubian people exclusively.


Unite with your Nubian brothers and sisters and become the change that is desperately needed in the world.

Black Social Network


Finally, a black social network for all Nubian people everywhere to be proud of share culture, history, current events and everyday conversations about things that are important to us all. Nubian Planet is the savior online for everyone who wants to embrace Nubian people.

Black Social Network

Connect with Nubian people on Nubian Planet who are just like you! Connect with your Nubian brothers and sisters! Connect With Nubian People Nubian Planet makes it possible for Nubian people of color to connect, love, organize and take control. We are serious about our Nubian identity. Share pictures, ideas, thoughts and conversation with Nubian people who have the same interests as you! Sharing is good! Nubian Planet is a social network that allows us to stay informed and share content with each other about news that affects us! Nubian Planet was created with the idea in mind to ensure that the black Nubian people can embrace each other and interact with family. Nubian Planet allows us to trend content important to Nubian people. Once you share important information on our network, we trend it here.


Nubian People Can Sell & Buy From Each Other


Nubian Movement Is Growing

Nubian Planet allows us to all be ourselves on social media without worrying about someone feeling ashamed or embarrassed about our important views and belief.

Help Nubian Planet Grow

As brothers and sisters we are not critical and try to understand each other. And we are growing!

Black Voices

Express yourself in ways you just simply can’t elsewhere. Nubian Planet is where you are heard!

We Support Black Wealth

The purpose of Nubian Planet is to bring together black people, first and foremost. We are the most legitimate Black Social Network online. We are a content driven website because we feel that the primary purpose of a legitimate Black Social Network should be to inform, congregate and network. Networking together exclusively provides us deeper insight to understanding each other. We don’t worry about sugar coating anything which is why we provide private movement groups where we speak our minds.
We are Nubian Planet. We believe in black people supporting black commerce. We also believe in the money potential. When Black people support Black people, wonderful things happen. Magic happens.

Ready to Use Your Voice & Network?

Share Stories, Pictures, News, Videos On Nubian Planet!

Together we can socialize, befriend each other, message, and discuss ideas and problems that affect black people as well as think of solutions to our problems. We may not be as big as some other networks out there, but we care implicitly about the struggles and progress of black people all across the planet and we are dedicated to growing and advancing.

There are many ways to chat on Nubian Planet. We provide instant messaging, email chat, commenting and tagging features for socializing. All features are mobile compatible.

A feature that we have concentrated on even more than creating wealth was the ability to share information. We believe its imperative that we can alert each other to dangers, injustices and news affecting Nubian people. Though helping to create wealth among ourselves is a huge goal – organizing ourselves, planning and sharing information is the most important thing we can do to empower each other.

Nubian People Connect & Grow

This is just the beginning. Nubian Planet yearns to bring black people together from all over the world and want to grow the largest database of black people in the world. We are the ultimate black social network.