irish slaves poor white degenerates

A recent lie that racist America has been pushing on social media has to do with the claim that Irish settlers were slaves in early America and were treated worst than Black slaves. This is a well established lie and distortion of historical events. But what else is new? Right? Questionable sources maintain that the plight of so-called “Irish slaves” in early America was worst than what African people had to endure. Though most of us have enough common sense to ignore this propaganda, there are always people gullible enough to believe these untrue accusations.

Let’s get down to the facts. White people went to Africa with guns in a militarized fashion and kidnapped soldiers of war that were later forced to become slaves for them. Some came over at first as indentured servants who didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into but this quickly changed and evolved to chattel slavery. Africans who came to America were not treated like white people and eventually a rule was adopted that stated that Black people were not human beings. Therefore, they didn’t have to be treated as human beings.

Irish settlers came to America of their own free will and agreed to terms in which they would work as indentured servants for a specific amount of time before they received their freedom. They were not treated harshly and were treated a lot more fairly than Black slaves from Africa were. They were still treated humanely. And what’s most important to note is they were white. This attribute alone made them human according to the law, so even if they were treated a little bit more harshly, this was only due to their social placement and had nothing to do with them not being considered human beings as Africans were.

Nowhere in any other races history or culture can we find any group of people who were ever treated half as bad as the African people.

Another thing to consider is that African slaves didn’t have the ability to blend in with white society if they ran or escaped. Their skin color was a dead giveaway. The Irish didn’t have this against them. Most importantly, in the eyes of other whites and the law, they were still people. It wouldn’t make sense for them to be treated any worst than African slaves.

Anyone who could believe that it was possible for white servants to be treated worst than Black slaves has no idea about history or the evil and brutal treatment that African slaves had to endure, and the wickedness of the people who have enslaved our ancestors rears its ugly head in post cards of their babies being fed to alligators, slaves being hung for the mere enjoyment of watching them hang and of the white man raping the women slaves, and yes… raping the male slaves as well. All of these things were normalized behaviors.

Often the photographs and memes we witness on social media are actually fabrications and the popular meme telling Blacks to move on from slavery is actually of fishermen residents of Bath in the parish of St. John taken in 1908. Photo courtesy of Mr. Richard Goddard.” What also needs to be noted is that these so-called white Irish people, is actually of Afro-Barbadian as well as “poor white” genealogies.

Actually Irish slaves were nothing more than poor white degenerates who couldn’t find jobs and in search of a better life, they willingly came to America – some as indentured servants – so they could lead better lives. African slaves do not have the luxury of making the same claim, unless there is something wrong with them.




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