Chinese Geneticist Uncovers All Chinese Descend From Africa

Where do Chinese people come from? Professor Jin Lee is one of China’s leading geneticists. recently he started an independent project that set out to prove that Chinese people evolved separately and independently of people from all other cultures and races, from Homo erectus in China. “Before the project...

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White People Play The Race Card Far More Often Than Black People

Gunn Wrights 9:01 PM First, it’s not just one moron’s screen name – each of you have mentioned how we are all from Africa in a lot of your posts..  Hell, that’s been the general thesis of this entire thread.   And thank you BOTH for proving me correct....

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Donald Trump Does Racist Twitter Tweet In Response To Black Lives Matter Shooting


How much proof do you need that Trump is racist? The sad part is that many black people are okay with supporting him. It could be because of his popularity in hip hop culture. Or appearances in Wu Tang videos. Perhaps black people feel like he is okay and...

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